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The kid from the Lady Gaga parody on youtube who likes to sing about his acne, pretty funny guy
BaptismOnFire made a parody of lady gaga about acne
by 0123franky July 10, 2010
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A kid on youtube who often makes "Horror Film parodys" featuring characters like Freddy krueger (Nightmare On Elm Street), Jason voorhees (Friday 13th) etc....
He also writes songs (normally parodys) and random vide blogs, he isnt very well known on youtube, but he hasn't got many haters. He also stars in other youtube channels such as TheLowBudgetShow (a collab channel) and TheLonerBoys.
BaptismOnFire is a youtuber
by TheLon3rBoys March 19, 2010
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creepy emo kid who wears girl clothes and makes videos about gayy stuff he is from england so he is fugly as shit
normal person: omg. look at that emo fag
baptismonfire: stop it! Im so gonna complain about you on my live journal *slash* *slash*
normal person: .........queer
by shaboosh October 17, 2011
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