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Noun: A title granted to one who is worthy of such a title. Aspects of worthiness include (but are not limited to) Intelligence, Bravery, Might, and Honor.
"God Damn! John just uprooted a tree with his bare hands!"
"He is Banyan!"
by Almighty Banyan April 04, 2003
A band formed by Stephen Perkins, the drummer for Jane's Addiction. A very relaxed, allstar band consisting of guests such as Flea from RHCP, John Frusciante, Mike Watt, Bad Azz and many more. Renown among the California music community. Their 4 albums: Banyan, Anytime At All, Live at Perkins's Palace, Live at The Fillmore
La Sirena- "A friend, my friend, till the end"
by Enzo Ferelli October 01, 2005
A banyan is an uber speshal person.
''That stephi is such a banyan''
by you tell me... May 11, 2005