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Bread made from the bones of a thousand anons, Meat carved from the flesh of a Troll roasted over open flames, Cheese curdled by subjects too controversial to be mentioned, Vegetables grown in the Lurkers Lair, Bacon cooked in the grease from those who live in mothers basement, Mustard ground from the tongue of spammers, Mayonnaise whipped by the fallen seeking redemption that shall never come, assembled by the hand of MOD it is the ultimate weapon against those that break the rules and shall be forever shunned and feared by those who seek to cause misery upon the internet. For it serves no further purpose.
Troll: Get in the kitchen and make me a sammich!
Mod: Certainly, here's your banwich!
User:is it gone?
Mod: Yes, gone to Banland where it belongs.
by Sypoth April 23, 2011
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