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A Geographical Location that displays dense levels of Banter, Laughter or comic related antics.
"Last Night was so funny"
"it was like Bantanamo Bay at that club, was so lashed"

"Dont you mean Guantanamo Bay?"
"What is that?!"
"Never Mind" *Face palms*
by danieliswearingalashmina October 08, 2010
Batanamo bay it the place where people who have too much banter are locked up because they are too witty for the real world. It can also be used sarcastically when someone tells a terrible joke.
Oh man did you here that guy in our class has been sent to bantanamo bay.

The teacher replied 'oh wow your so funny, you should be locked up in batanamo bay,' when the student said a terrible joke about him.
by Bouncy knight May 31, 2016
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