Faggot, homosexual, queer, peter- puffer, dick smoocher...
The guy with the boyfriend is a banta.
by creditcardswiper November 06, 2010
Top Definition
An informal, conversation/discussion involving two or more people. Heard in most areas around the UK
I stayed for a bit longer than I intended, because me and John had a banta
by Bido January 28, 2006
a loud deep growl of a cars intake sucking.
when a honda civic hits vtec

by svteezy August 29, 2006
Bum Ass Nigger Touchin Asses. (B.A.N.T.A)

the term "stranger danger" actually originated from a BANTA as a matter of fact.
As in "Stay away from B.A.N.T.A.'s" (Banta)
by thegirlwhocriedbantard December 16, 2010

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