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The perfect girl, absolutely indescribable. Traits include smart, funny, good looking, kind, caring, nice body, & long luscious hair. Fun to be with, carefree, and is often a Leo. They love Indian pick-up lines (despite being born in America).
Guy #1: Damn, look at that girl there.
Guy #2: From the way she walks she must be a Bansi!
Guy #1: Let's go man, she won't be single long.
by Hahaa(: September 03, 2010
1. loony toons indian
2. dude who thinks he's emo and is in love with Angeline.
3. Ben's favorite indian
Ben: You seen my indian bitch(Bansi)?
Jensin: Ya...he's over there with Angeline
by Jensin January 16, 2008
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