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A concept car developed in the 1950s. Designed to be a sports car, it was rejected by GM in the thought it would compete with the newly released Corvette. Forever commemorized by Halo as the Banshee combat flyer. The man who was originally respondsible for the Banshee later won fame for designing the GTO for Pontiac.
Racer One: Damn this Corvette is a fucking V-6.
Racer Two: No shit, buy a Banshee it blows the Corvette a way.
by LC Vince GT July 31, 2006
6 39
(Alkaloid slang) A hinque and/or attractive person of the female persuasion. See also witchy.
Scout, that banshee you're happenin' with is the tontay!
by Brock Guilfoyle January 04, 2006
3 40
a very noisy female who is ugly and fat and never knows when to shutup. a banshee is known to clap when they're laughing and also before they die. all banshees should die and all should perish. to emphasize on the word banshee, use the term "bitch banshee"
a banshee....is a banshee.
by im krazy April 25, 2004
32 75
A creature that hangs around toilet bowls and smells like burnt cheese wiz.
I saw the hooded banshee and he flung a booger at me to protect his cheese wiz.
by The banshee master January 30, 2004
13 58
my real estate property manager
My property manager has the soul, voice and face of a banshee.
by who? April 27, 2004
7 55
a kickass sacramento band....better be listening for them their gonna make it...
songs...one cool sober guy, outta hand,about to say....i love u guys!
by Mandy January 28, 2004
4 53
Often misinterpreted as being a sado-masochistic ass felcher, this type of being will often practive the lowest level of sexual depravity eg dogging. Often known as tri-sexual.
Karl Senior, Jon Bamber and all the LAN Techs
by Felchmeister General October 16, 2003
4 55