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The exquisite "hammer" of the Dragon Age character Bann Teagan. He is known for his skilled use of it. (P.S. No, the Bannhammer is not a weapon. It's his penis.)
"I would give anything for a taste of the Bannhammer."-Main Character
"What? Why would you want to taste a weapon? I doubt they would be that great."-Alistair (from Dragon Age: Origins)
"Oh, sweet naive Alistair. Did they teach you nothing at the chantry?"
"How to fight."
"It's his penis, honey."
"His... oh... that's my UNCLE. Why would you.. he's so much older..."
"That's the allure."
"Wish I were born sooner then I guess."
"What? So you could be the Alihammer?"
"Princehammer maybe..."
by TheHammerOfBooty July 04, 2013