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A group of over the top internet misfits who live outside the usual conventions of modded forum rules. Started as a small group of banned pariahs from Consumtion Junction, it quickly expanded to encompass most of the posters from multiple forums.
Banned All Stars,free Speech,Internet Forum
by Bag Head March 24, 2007
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An internet forum filled with fags and social rejects. Run by a head fag that calls himself "Ban." Ban's sole purpose in life is to spam his shitty forum all over the internet in a pathetic attempt to lure in more posters. Ban is a good example of someone that needs psychiatric medication for life, but probably thinks he really doesn't need to be medicated all the time.
Q: Who's the fag spamming his shit forum here?

A: That's just Ban from Banned All Stars. Ignore him, and hopefully he'll develop full blown AIDS eventually.
by janitor that solves equations September 05, 2011
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