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Getting drunk and driving a vehicle into a miscellaneous object.
"We're gonna get so messed up at the party tonight."
"Yeah, dude. I'm totally gonna get Bannaned."
by UglyCasanova247 September 16, 2009
Bann·an bah-nan or, commonly, buh-nan
1. An extremely great builder within the virtual world of Second Life though, he's shunned for his lack of LSL expertise: "Wow, check out Bannan's creation. The scripting most likely sucks though."
1. Good to the point of eyegasmic pleasure: "Bannanlicious"
2. Recently modified by Bannan: "Bannanified"
3. Currently being griefed by Bannan: "Bannanwned"
4. Being touched and/or blessed by Bannan: "Bannanized"
Refrence back to the definition for examples on how to use the word "Bannan."
by Michael Josling July 23, 2007
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