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A Guyanese term for a close freind of yours
Its used in the same context as dude,bwoy,nigga,bredrin,homie
Whats up banna?
Dem bannas be wilding these days!!
by Big Sacch June 28, 2006
An apparent word, in the ghetto black community for pity. Listened to a colored woman complaining about her meal in a restaurant and told the manager "well banna, banna, banna". Manager then asked what "banna" meant, and was told "it is 'our' word for pity".
Manager: "I am sorry maam that your ribs and chicken is overcooked, as you can see we are extremely busy tonight".

Lawanda "banna, banna, banna". "I dont need yo damn pity, Im axing for a free meal"
by ajug July 31, 2009
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