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You enter the Bank Drive-Thru Lottery when you pull up to the drive-thru at the bank, and all the lanes are filled. You have to make the very important decision to choose which lane will get you through faster. Often times, people will sit back several car lengths from the drive thru lanes, waiting for a lane to move. These people need to grow some balls and make a decision to enter the Bank Drive-thru Lottery. The most risk involved with the Bank Drive-thru Lottery is getting stuck behind Bank Drive-thru Asshole.
Lost the Bank Drive-thru Lottery this morning. Got caught behind Bank Drive-thru Asshole, and made it thru an entire CD of songs before my turn in line came up. I also managed to get lung cancer from breathing in Bank Drive-thru Asshole's oil-burning fumes.
by mad genius December 07, 2010
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