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when you have anxiety with your bangs.
im gonna wear a hat i am having bangxiety.
by jackki October 21, 2006
The fear held by many male students that they left a porn window open on their laptop, and when they open it in class it may be: A) seen by others (bad); B) start playing (worse); or C) start playing very loudly (worst). The fear usually does not manifest until the subject has actually left a window open to be discovered at least once.
"I had such bangxiety in Econ today. I checked that I had closed out of Youporn twice last night, but ever since I had to connect my laptop to the class projector for my Powerpoint, and I inadvertently shared my love of Gianna Michaels with all of my Psych class, I get really banxious."
by Snuffy6269 October 23, 2012