Bangladesh is a small country located in Southasia, a very warmth continent, little like Southafrica...its makes the people of the country very very angry when called gandhi, arab, pakistan, or indian...people of bangladesh are usually dark, looking like black people but they are called brown people hehe
People of bangladesh usually have curly or straight hair, so sometimes its easy to have afro or fix cornrows when u have curly hair. Main religions are Islam, hinduism, buddhism or christianity....Bangladesh's Cox's Bazaar is the longest beach in da world
Main city is Dhaka, the money are called "taka" so 100 Takas is 25 SEK.....people their are usually poor and many people are religious, the drive ways and carways is full crowded of cars....
Some bengali people are usually into hiphop USA..usually bengali people rap on bangla but that do not make them if y'all wanna be rapper, its better to rap on english...

Attention: often, some bengali people refer themself as "niggas" and thats wrong, cuz people of asia was not slaves so why use the word 'nigga' when u from southasia??
Some brown people do dat, due to the color of their skin, but not all black people accepts dat, some black people do when brown people are using the word nigga.... if u very dark, they may accept u using the word nigga when u say hi to them....
So one thing, y'all bengali, sri lankan and even indian people remember: Dont Refer Y'all self as "Real niggaz", Real niggaz are allways from Africa, not from Asia
I usually using tha work "Homie" when i see a black man...thats better
A conversation of people of Bangladesh

Bengali Man1: "Waz cracking Bangsta (Bengali) Homie, what have u done today?"
Bengali Man2: "Nuttin brown brotha, just chillin around Los Angeles and shit ya know homie"
by Ice Killa November 24, 2006
Top Definition
Bangladesh is a beautiful small country located in South-East Asia in the Indian-subcontinent. Formerly known as East Pakistan, it became independent in 16 December 1971 after 9 months of bloody war and brutal killings of 3 million people, mostly students and intellectuals.

Bangladesh is renowned for its Cox's Bazaar beach which is the longest in the world, its beautiful and world's largest mangrove forest 'Sunderban' which is also home to the largest number of tigers in the world known as the 'Royal Bengal Tiger'.

Despite being a poor country and devastated by natural disasters and periodic floods every year, Bangladesh is growing strong, gradually developing and a peace-loving country by being the biggest contributor of UN peacekeepers.
East or West, Bangladesh is the best.
by Dew May 07, 2005
Located in South Asia. Next to India. A very beautiful place, used to be called East Pakistan but won independance from Pakistan more than 26 years ago.
Wow bangladesh is beautiful man!
by Ahmed Bhuiyan April 02, 2005
Cool, Successful, Famous
Until my death, I'm Bangladesh.

Quote by Xzibit in the Eminem song "Whats The Difference"
by IvanB October 04, 2006
A country in Asia, near India and Pakistan.
Sean- Where you from?
Nafisa- Bangladesh.
Sean- No offense, but you don't look Indian..
by Tarpitsam July 11, 2010
Country located in South-Eastern Asia. Population roughly about 141,340,476 (July 2004 est.) with a total area of 144,000 sq km, which is a little bit smaller than Iowa. Formerly known as "East Pakistan". Bordered by India and Burma.
My friend went on business to BANGLADESH.
by infinitedots March 25, 2005
The only country in the world which doesnt have any laws governing the use of Cannabis.

*Somewhere in some little bangladesh village
Raja: Yo man this spliff is a fooking blast!
Ali Saddat: I told you so. Aww shit here comes the cops
*Cop rickshaw pulls up*
Cop: You smoking gangja there son?!
Ali Saddat: No sir we are just...
Raja: Fuck yeah officer, this is the shit! You want a rasta blasta?
Cop: Go on boy! Spark me up!
by Amar Bogalampa March 30, 2008
A very beautiful place in South East Asia. It has a lot of people living there about 141,822,000. and the place is the size of wyoming. It used to be called east-pakistan.
The language spoken there is bengali. The nae of the country bangladesh come from the term " land of the bengals".

Bangladesh has the biggest mall in south Asia, Bashundara city mall. IT is a gorgeous mall( my kinda mall)

Bangladesh has a very beautiful beach i think near sylet im not sure but it is the worlds longest beach and the sand is really good for pedicures.
Bangladesh has my kinda mall.
by Bengaliprncess September 02, 2006
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