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When in Bangkok,Thai-laid, the act of drinking sexual fluids from a transsexual's anus with a long bendy straw, consisting of mostly your ejaculate and "her" feces.
Jane: Hey john, how was your trip to Bangkok?
John: Hey jane, It was wonderful, I met the most beautiful woman there in the clubs, we did all kinds of freaky shit, she even took me into a back alley and introduced me to a "Bangkok mai thai", it was very erotic!
Jane: John, thats fucking disgusting! I didn't even realize you liked transexuals.
John:Transexuals? What are you talking about? She wasn't a dude, she was a high class sexy female from thailand!
Jane: How fucking stupid could you be? Did you even go down on her at all, you know eat her "pussy"?
John: No, she said she had her period, and she was really into aggressive ass play.
Jane: John hate to break it you, but you drink cum and feces out of a dudes ass........
John:Oh my dear god.........(Realzed he had intercourse with a transexual from thailand, dreading the impending HIV test that he is going to now have to take)
by the real hank moody August 10, 2012