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1.) A term describing a person who is in a street gang.

2.) The act of "shooting-up" drugs with a syringe.

3.) A term describing a highly attractive person.


1.) "Be careful what you say to him, man. He's Bangin'."

2.) "I was so excited, I bought the heroin and started banging right away."

3.) "Man, that girl that just walked by was bangin'!"
by RubbaDub9202 September 24, 2009
27 17
-to have sexual intercourse.
" We were banging all night. I'm knackered..."
by LexicographicBrit July 18, 2003
680 190
When something/someone is extremely good/tasty/hot/sexy/etc., anything great
These cheetos are banging.
by Crystal February 12, 2004
732 247
physically attractive, refering usually to a woman's body
Damn. You she Charise at that party last night in that blue dress? Oh ee! She was banging
by anonymous June 02, 2003
440 229
Excellent, of high quality. Derives from dance music, especially house, in which a tune that rocks the dancefloor is referred to as being "banging".
"That tune is banging!", "That jacket is banging!"
by peej June 08, 2004
325 195
The process of having sexual intercourse
"Did you know Jordan, Mark, and Tom were banging eachother?"
by Alex D 311 April 08, 2008
262 168
When a chick is hot she's banging. A chick you wanna bang
hey babe youre banging
by DaUsualCrew April 17, 2007
134 64
something that is good or great
This chicken is banging.
This store isbanging
by Keena October 24, 2005
197 131