a person that makes your heart skip about a milion beats. a person that is soo yummmmmmmmyyyliciouuss that you wud bang him ;] and have his babies =)

oh yeahhh the most bestest person in the world.
aka SAM =)
SHAWDi x3: ahaha...youhh are wunn bangalicious booyyy
by xplicitshawdix3 September 10, 2007
Top Definition
1: word used when describing a perfect looking female 2: used when you really like a certain food
a: DAMN, dat gurl is bangalicious!
b: dis pizza is bangalicious
by Andre July 30, 2003
a very hot , sexy, banging, guy or girl that will make your heart skip 5121657 beats per minute and whenver you think about or her you get major butterflies. and the only thing on your mind is him or her no matter what time of day it is.
dammnnn samm ur bangalicious !
by infamoushawdi September 18, 2007
A chick that is fuckable but not take home to mommy material.
Damn that chick is bangalicious.
by drittzz August 29, 2008
When there's a hot ass bitch in your class and she slim thick and you nuts going crazy for that ass she is bangalicious.
Selena had a basketball looking ass in class today, she was so bangalicious.
by Peanutpiper October 14, 2015
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