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'Bang bang guns go bang' is chanted in the chorus of 'Kiss Me, I'm Contagious', a well-known From First To Last song.
Possibly the WORST fad ever.
Used by "scene/emo" kids in their MSN display name, signatures (mainly Neopets) and on their Myspace profile, sometimes as a picture caption.

Usually accompanied by hearts (<3, </3, ect.), a badly cropped pistol or a picture of someone holding their fingers to their head, like a gun.
"</3 Bang Bang Guns Go Bang </3"
by Alice NOT in Wonderland April 02, 2006
Overused lyrics used in many MSN display names and signatures on form sites.

'Bang Bang Guns Go Bang' is from the song 'Kiss Me, I'm Contagious' by From First To Last.
omg i luv dis song11!11!
by ALICE ! January 28, 2006
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