Most common in sports, a bandwagon fan is a fan of a team simply because they are the reigning champions/have the most championships/doing the best at the moment. The second these fans notice that they're team is starting to do poorly, they'll jump ship and hop on the bandwagon of a different team that is doing well. As a result, they will have little to no knowledge of their current team and the true fans of said team will hate them for it.

Bandwagon fans are typically fans of the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots, Miami Heat, Los Angeles Lakers, Duke basketball, and Alabama football.
Bandwagon fan: Bama won the championship! Roll Tide!

Alabama fan: Since when are you an Alabama fan?

Bandwagon fan: Since--

Alabama fan: 2011 right?

Bandwagon fan: ...Roll Tide!

Alabama fan: You probably don't even know what that means...
by iduncurr January 11, 2013
Someone who becomes a fan of something because everyone else is.
Example 1
Johnny, "Hey, I heard that everybodies voting for Barack Obama!" Bill, "Why, what political views of his do they support and what about his past makes them believe he will be a good president?" Johnny, "I don't know but I love him, he's sooooo cool! He sounds so nice when he talks!!!" Bill, "Johnny, you're a bandwagon fan!"
Example 2
Johnny, "Bill why do you like the Yankees and the Patriots even though you're from Texas?" Bill, "I have some friends who made me big fans!!!" Johnny, "Bill you're a bandwagon fan!"
by tdeatslettim June 10, 2010
A person who becomes a fan of a sports team after they win a Championship/Title.
Guy 1: DUDE, if the Celtics win on 2010, i'm going to buy some stickers, a hat, and a jersey

Guy 2: Your such a bandwagon fan, you don't even like Boston teams??

Guy 1:No... not if they win though.
by zomgzors June 14, 2010
a pittsburgh sports fan.
"We won the stanley cup!!!! Has any other team ever won it in their first 5 years of existence??"
"Dude the pens have been around since the 60s you bandwagon fan."

(about 30 years from now) "He is such a bandwagon fan, he has never been to a pirates game in his life but not that they are in the World Series he acts like he has followed them his entire life"
by a real fan June 21, 2009
Someone who is currently a Packers fan, Heat fan, and Yankees fan but doesn't live in any of the areas those teams represent. They tend to only watch ESPN highlights and can only name the 3 best players on any of their teams.
*Real Fan*," Name 10 Packers"
Bandwagon Fan*," Rodgers, Matthews, Woodson, I can't think of anyone else."
by Die-Hard August 09, 2012
When a person decides to route for a team, not because they are faithful fans, but because it is the popular thing to to. Perhaps the team is winning, their friends are fans or they may be the team closest to their favorite mall. Either way, when you have never watched that specific sport your entire life, then you start posting things, repeatedly, about how you're so happy they've won, yet you can't name one player on the team. You are a bandwagon fan.
Like, OMG, the Giants just won! That guy with the long hair threw the ball really fast, yay! Bandwagon fan!
by SeriouslyMrsA October 19, 2010
A disgraceful sports 'fan' who roots for a particular team (usually one that has constant postseason success) but knows nothing about that team's history, players, coaching staff, etc. In fact, the 'fan' probably didn't give two shits about the particular team until they started winning. The bandwagon fan makes the established fanbase of a team look bad and is often seen flaunting New York Yankees hats, Miami Heat jerseys and/or Alabama Crimson Tide gear. A bandwagon fan is usually someone who fails at life and cannot think for him/herself.
Ex. 1)
True Fan: "I didn't know you liked the 49ers. You didn't root for them when Alex Smith was quarterback."
Bandwagon Fan: "What are you talking about? I was born in San Francisco!" (Lie)

Ex. 2)
Bandwagon Fan: "Hey did you see the Bruins win the Stanley Cup last night?!? Look at my dedication, I bought all this fan gear last week!"
True Fan: "You follow hockey?"
by PsychicJellyfish November 24, 2013
Someone who has no reason to be a fan of a sports team yet cheers for them anyways just because said team wins.

Also see Carl Guidry.
Carl Guidry is not a real Yankees Fan, he is a bandwagon fan and full of fail!
by Spyder85914 November 14, 2010

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