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A female who becomes a fan, or likes something for the fallowing reasons; impress someone fit into a crowd piss someone off
d.Because the team wins a lot (related to sports)

This person normally dose not know anything that they are talking about but think they do
She hated basketball until she started dating him and now she loves the Lakers, but when she watches a game she has to ask whats going on the entire game, that girls a bandwagon bitch.
by BeeRBee May 20, 2009
A girl who doesn't really talk much, but joins with a band of bitches. Can be compared to a hype man.
Sally was a bandwagon bitch when she joined Sara and her crew to attack Rose.
by The haker May 06, 2016
When one joins a group on Facebook and wants so bad to be 'in' with the popular posters/ members.
That they will join in on any 'bashing/ flaming' of another member just to fit in.

Also for people who want to fit into a group so badly they will befriend people they hate. Then attack what were once friends just so they are part of the groups 'in' members
Terri Whitlock (Plymouth) wrote
at 11:53pm on March 13th, 2009
well she sent me a message to my inbox...silly cow tryin to say that she was just being honest....n that i can report her all i want...

Sammy Collins (Uranus)wrote
at 11:55pm on March 13th, 2009
Oh you bandwagon bitch you were best friends with her yesterday.
by Ricky Foxwell March 16, 2009
Somebody who has absolutely no knowledge of anything sports related but loves to root for only winning teams, so they can fit in.
You guys know Danny? Yeah isn't he a bandwagon bitch?
by LeperMessiah1234 May 22, 2016
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