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The name of Jonny Quest's and Hadji's little white french puppy bulldog. This dog bites and is quite the little bitch. He gets Jonny Quest and his adventure team in trouble often and urinates on Hadji's jewelled turban probably because he is an Indian. Still, Bandit is a pretty awesome name for a dog. Bowser and Snoogle are two other awesome dog names.
-Lee: What should I name my new french bulldog?
-John: Name it Bandit like Jonny Quest's dog, or Bowser because your dog is a beast and that is just a kickass name.
-Russell: Hey you should name it Snoogle because it is a warm and cuddly puppy.
-Lee: Yo Russell, you might just be the gayest person I know.
by jpabaloni April 12, 2007
45 35
a thief
someone who steals, then rides away
drive by kisses and midnite smooches
Lynn is a bandit who stole my heart
by bandit0 September 07, 2005
118 36
An aerial radar contact that is confirmed to be hostile.
Bandits! Bandits! 3 o'clock low, Checkerboard Squadron, roll in and engage with AMRAAMs!
by JonathanChance October 06, 2003
93 51
1. A rogue
2. A naughty boy
3. A bad ass mo fo
4. A small shrew like animal who likes to eat copious amounts of tasty trout
You are a bandit boy!
by Jonny Weldon January 12, 2004
73 46
A bandit will steal your heart. He's got charm, is wicked smart, and a handsome devil. His touch will make you melt and you'll fall in love. He's also an amazing lover that will spin your world! Once a lady's had a taste, she can't get enough of the bandit.
That guy's a bandit! He just stole my girl!

One night with him, and that bandit will have your heart and your panties!
by newt16 February 25, 2010
38 17
The four-time National Lacrosse League Champions based in Buffalo, NY. Also home to the Buffalo Sabres of the NHL and Buffalo Bills of the NFL. The Bandits were formed in 1992 and immediately made an impact, winning their first championship that same year.

The next year, they continued their winning streak, setting the all-time best Undefeated Streak of 22 games, and winning their second-straight championship in '93.

They won their third championship in 1996, and have made many appearances in the NLL Championship game since, losing all until 2008, when they captured their fourth. They are currently 4W-4L in Championship Games.

HSBC Arena is known for having loud crowds during Sabres games, but it is MUCH louder for Bandits games. It has been called the hardest NLL arena to play in, due to the Buffalo crowd constantly chanting phrases like: "Let's go Bandits!", counting up the score then saying "We want (insert next number here)!", and many more. To truly experience the awesomeness of the Bandits, go to any home game.
Person 1: Who were the 2008 NLL Champions?
Person 2: Buffalo WHAT?
Person 3: BANDITS!!!
by Lord Kaotix Rage September 20, 2008
11 3
A solid, inexpensive no frills naked street bike from Suzuki with the 1200 being popular with stunt riders. Also comes in a 250 model popular with learners and a mid range 600 that isn't seen so often.

Easy to ride and can be fun for people who aren't race track types or who don't enjoy being hunched over for long periods on a sports bike.

Also a budget option for people who can't afford a Street Triple.
"This wog in a suped up Commodore was over compensating at the lights so I left him in the dust on my Bandit which is worth one tenth what he put into that inefficient penis extension. Ho ho ho."
by Bweahns May 31, 2009
18 11