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A bandana is a square shaped piece of cloth that is mainly worn to indicate that you are in a particular gang. So if you are in aren't in a gang, I would highly recommend not wearing one.
Gangmember (blood): Hey man, he's wearin' a red bandana! Hey boy, are you a blood?

Guy wearing bandana: What are you talking about man, I just thought it looked cool.

Gangmember (blood): He's false flagin', get em!

*Gangmembers beat down the guy wearing the bandana.*
by Jnelsonmarka October 01, 2006
What someone says when they fart and burp at that same time. Although very rare, it is a useful word to let someone know that those two body functions happened.
Victor-"Hey guys? Guess What?.....Bandana...."

Jeff-"Yeah right, that never happens"

Kwon-"Well I just heard him burp"

****30 Seconds Later*****

Jeff-"OMG! What is that smell? YOU DID FART?"
by Kreg Keagy July 21, 2008
a nigga hat
shit i was walkin down the street and this korean boy was wearin a bandana so i said "take that nigga hat off boy"
by AD from seatown April 23, 2007
A musical instrument as well as a weapon of total destruction.
Play the bandana.
by mattymania December 18, 2002