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A Band Twinkie, sometimes spelled as Band Twinky and simply called "Band Twinks", is pronounced: "buh-ayy-nd tw-ink-ee" and refers to any and all members of the school's Concert, Jazz, and Marching band. A "Super Twink" is someone who is in all three, or more.

Band Twinks are normally seen in their natural habit-- the band room. The band room is a holy place where band twinks experiment by doing unholy things. "What happens in the band room, stays in the band room." 'nuff said.

Band Twinks are the secret master minds of the school, as well as the master race. They are infamous for their hilariously, odd behavior and have too many inside jokes to account for.

A Band Twinks diet consists of Domino's Pizza on Friday nights, donuts for breakfast on Saturday's, and McDonald's on Saturday nights.

The football players are noticeably jealous of a band twink's success during their careers as a marching band geek. -- see "marching band nerd".

You can spot a Band Twink from a mile away, this is normally due to the egotistical pride one has for being a Band Twink. They (Band Twinks) will defend Marching Band with all their heart, and will most likely consider it a sport!

Do not mess with Band Twinks, they are the toughest, baddest mofo's you will ever meet, and will either stab you with their clarinet or hit you with their sousaphone. It's just best not to mess with them, as well as trying to make them laugh as they are marching parade--it just won't work!
jock--"Man, I wish I were as cool as a Band Twinkie!"

"Toes up!"


"Let's play ass tag!"

Band Twinkie--"So in order for Marching Band to be considered a sport, we have to wear pads and spandex and hump men?"
by Maeve Roche August 29, 2010
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