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One who is in the school band (usually high school), and takes great, usually overzealous pride in it.
He's going to the band room to practice, during lunch! What a band fag!
by Mike November 02, 2003
97 95
a person that was once in the marching band who has graduated and come to every single band practice and game held.
J: Will that band fag go home?...she graduated last year..and needs to get a life.
D: I know man, they seem to have never graduated
by Extra-cool! December 07, 2007
39 31
A GOD!!!!!!!

Someone who lives and breathes marching band.
Unfortunately there are some others that put the fag in band fag.
by band fag July 17, 2006
43 80
Mr.Scheter (our band director)
Mr.Scheter needz ta shut his hole, he is such a band fag
by Blondee April 21, 2004
22 100