one step down from band geek on the heirachy of bands
freshman: "yeah, im such a band geek!"
senior: "the fuck u are, ur only a band dork, freshie"
#band geek #orch dork #choir queer #alpha geek #conductor
by alpha geek February 04, 2006
Top Definition
Someone who loves band more than anything and practically lives in the band room. They are usually in marching band and live for competitions and think football games are only for their halftime performance. And they are actually very cool people! *wink wink*
Example? Haha! how about me? ;)
by colorguardgirl3 January 05, 2005
The annoying kids who are in Band just for the 'easy A'. Disliked by Band Geeks and Band Nerds, but on decent terms with the Choir Dweebs and Orchestra Nerds (on average. Another term for Concert Bandies
"Who, 'George'? He never practices, and hardly plays. He's just another Band Dork."
#concert bandies #choir dweebs #orchestra nerds #band geeks #band nerds
by me v.2.4 December 22, 2008
A bandy, a person who is in marching band. A freak. Usually has lots of zits.
The cheerleader said to the football player: "Who is that freak with the tuba?"
The football player said to the cheerleader: "That's a band dork. Let's beat them up"
The cheerleader says to the football player: "Okay."
by TheOblideration July 06, 2004
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