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Something that is undesirable or lacks character.
Yo man, the beer isn't on sale anymore...That's bance.
by Bigg Bill August 30, 2008
An excited exclamation or utterance.
Due, I got high score! BANCE!
by Demiurge_Redux November 29, 2012
1. Characterized by spastic movement, often including flailing arms and/or random leg jerks. Sometimes encompasses jazz hands and spirit fingers.
2. Ill-formed and poorly choreographed or executed dance movements.
3. Bad + Dance = BANCE
1. "Hey, did you see Zac Efron's bance in 'Bet On It'? What a hot mess!"
2. "Have you ever done the Night at the Roxbury bance?"
3. "She bances like Elaine on Seinfeld."
4. "I've got some new bance moves."
5. "Bance with me."
by Emsam July 27, 2008
1) To ruin, break or destroy something previously working

2) To lock a door in order to annoy people

3) To do a poor job
"Damn, this door has been banced"
"Stop bancing my computer"
"I banced this flat pack shelving unit"
by Andrew Waite April 29, 2004
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