A Hamptonese word for a personal assistant, as a personal assistant would peel and banana for their boss if asked to do so
Jones' new banana peeler is smart, organized, and actually quite dedicated to his boss' life.
by HamptonLiving January 17, 2012
Top Definition
Female equivalent to a cherry popper.

A woman who has sex with virgins-
intentionally or not is beside the point.
Man, she's such a banana peeler!

She's going after eighteen year olds left and right!
by Al Harwin May 10, 2009
A term used often to describe the extremely large lips of an african american, and the ability to peel a banana using only thier lips.
Hey, did you see the banana peelers on that one, he took the chicken off the bone in one swipe.
by Sweet Jita January 11, 2008
Someone who prefers to orally satisfy a male who still possesses his foreskin
She's a total banana peeler, so you totally ate in!
by #YoloSwagMaster2k12 December 11, 2013
a bitch with braces.
Hey, don't go to the movies with that girl, she's a banana peeler.
by et ex al February 14, 2009
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