a fruit i won't eat cause my friend said it looked like a penis
Person 1: yum, banana
Person 2: looks like a penis
Person 1: pervert!
#banana #pervert #slut #sex #fruit
by Person 1: June 05, 2011
A Person who appears to be Asian but acts white
Mai looks like an Asian but she wears preppy white people clothes everywhere she is such a Banana
#fasian #fake asian #bannana #proud asian #asian
by wxyz25 November 23, 2010
1. Crazy
2. Fruit
She's gone bananas.
Give me some bananas please.
Gwen Stefani: This shit is bananas.
#gone #crazy #fruit #something #ludicrious
by SakuraSaku June 02, 2007
Asian guy who hates his own race, his family, his culture, and especially himself.

He yearns for surgical treatments to change his eyelid shape, and uses dyes to change his skin and hair coloration. Blue eyed pupils and natural blond hair are widely desired, but futile in effort (Dr Mengele experimented with changing pupil coloration by injecting ink with fatal results).

His greatest dream is complete genetic modifcation, cleansing himself of his hereditary curse so that he may produce more children embracing wonderous western customs.

Note that the banana (preferred over the less macho Twinkie), would never touch or own anything Asian. For it he had control of his well-earned money (his family would often shake every cent out of him before he can spend it), he would buy domestic products: American made Hummer H1, Ford/Dodge/Chevy trucks (preferably Cummins/Duramax Diesel engine), and order rectangular pizza over the phone, with the sauces and toppings arranged in a way that it resembles the American flag.
Chang Tan - Western enthusiast, and a figure of anti-Asian traditions.
by Chang Tan July 10, 2005
The word some second grader is going to win a spelling bee with, while the losing second grader gets chrysanthemum.
I'd like to thank my friends at chess club, for being so supportive... oh, and Gwen Stefani, for helping me win with that repetitive, mindless song. THIS SHIT IS BANANAS!
by ~The Nameless One~ June 26, 2005
Stands for "Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anyone." A derogatory term for people who are perceived as taking NIMBY to ridiculous extremes.
Good luck on ever seeing that new shopping center get built. The locals aren't just NIMBY; they're BANANA.
by Doctor Whom May 18, 2005
It is used to describe the clips that are used for guns such as AK47's.
I got bananas for you niggas and i aint talkin bout fruit.
by johnny blaze April 02, 2005
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