A random reply, used interjectionally when somebody asks a question.
"What's in the soup today?"
"Where did your room-mate go?"
"Who took my last beer"
by Rufus Caliente January 17, 2008
a massive yellow dildo
-I was at his house and I saw his sister playing with a banana!
by Arman December 10, 2003
A banana you intend to eat tomorrow.
You : Hey man, mind if I eat that?

Me : I do mind, I'm gonna eat that banaña.
by IGSDann January 19, 2015
A word used to talk about the drug Adderal without others knowing.
Shilo: When are you getting me those Bananas?

David: I'll get you those bananas tomorrow.

Shillo: Sweet we can eat bananas together!
by David W M March 18, 2010
Being extremely drunk and usually doing stuff you normally wouldn't because of this.
"What were you DOING last night?!?"
"I dunno, sure I was BANANAS!!!"
by blumoovee April 01, 2009
(As seen on the Rachel Zoe show.)
word used to express that the topic of the matter is crazy, absurd,dumb, or shocking.
"I can't stand football. It's so boring..."
"That's bananas!"
by wannaknowme February 27, 2009
Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything
A BANANA activist opposes all development.
by Fred Bauder August 09, 2008

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