A random reply, used interjectionally when somebody asks a question.
"What's in the soup today?"
"Where did your room-mate go?"
"Who took my last beer"
by Rufus Caliente January 17, 2008
a massive yellow dildo
-I was at his house and I saw his sister playing with a banana!
by Arman December 10, 2003
A banana you intend to eat tomorrow.
You : Hey man, mind if I eat that?

Me : I do mind, I'm gonna eat that banaña.
by IGSDann January 19, 2015
A banana is a measurement of length. Its use became common around the early twenty-first century, and has continued to remain in common English ever since. The original banana was defined as a curved yellow fruit that was 17 centimeters long; due to the great famine and subsequent death of many species, one banana is now nearer to 14.5 centimeters. However, one ISO banana is still defined as 17 centimeters despite the unit commonly being described as 14.5 centimeters.
"Your son is now 9 bananas tall!"
"Let's hope he lives to be 12!"

"A miss is as good as 9466.738613880132 bananas." -- old proverb

"Dude's travelling at 2000 bananas per minute!"
by Matrixx January 11, 2014
A word used to talk about the drug Adderal without others knowing.
Shilo: When are you getting me those Bananas?

David: I'll get you those bananas tomorrow.

Shillo: Sweet we can eat bananas together!
by David W M March 18, 2010
Being extremely drunk and usually doing stuff you normally wouldn't because of this.
"What were you DOING last night?!?"
"I dunno, sure I was BANANAS!!!"
by blumoovee April 01, 2009
(As seen on the Rachel Zoe show.)
word used to express that the topic of the matter is crazy, absurd,dumb, or shocking.
"I can't stand football. It's so boring..."
"That's bananas!"
by wannaknowme February 27, 2009

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