not merely a "fruit", but also a herb and a berry.
by Bananaanna April 22, 2003
It is a fucking fruit it is yellow and people eat it annd my friends think it means penis.. but it fucking doesnt you stupid bitches~!!!!!! it means fruit!!!!!!!
Im gonna buy a bananana<--(damn) at the store

get me one so i can EAT IT! because its a fruit and its not a penis you stupid mother fucker.
by Angela04 December 29, 2008
when used in a sentence that doesn't fit into the conversation, it is a cue from one girl to another girl to pull her shirt up, and to boys to look quick.
Marie: Hey did you go to that party?
Nancy: Yeah it was really great, but don't you just love bananas?
Marie: whoops! thanks
Brock: What? Where?!?
by veggiebeef December 21, 2008
Acronym for: Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything

A similar but more extreme label than NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard), used mainly to refer to suburbanites or environmentalist groups protesting the building of oil refineries, nuclear waste dumps, etc. near their property.
Did you see the BANANA group protesting the new strip mine?
by aethernet September 19, 2007
Long or short, plump or lean, yellow or red or green, well covered with thick skin fruit which is an yield of the plaintain tree, which is if grass family.

Nagercoil of south india (tamil nadu) is famous for variety of sweet bananas.
matti pazham
chevvaazhai pazham
thuLuvan pazham
poovan pazham
Etthan pazham
kadhali pazham
rasa kadhali
chingan pazham
paalayam kOdan pazham
pacchai pazham
pEyan pazham
kaRpoora valli pazham
by Padmakumar.R October 17, 2003
Something that is crazy

"yo that skateboard trick was bananas"
by la makina March 27, 2009
A word that Gwen Stefani taught us how to spell in "Hollaback Girl"

A great tool for young children wanting to learn how to spell bananas and also learn to crudely swear.
by Aperrrrson June 28, 2009

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