A shitty tasting piece of shit. It has the shittiest colour, and the shittiest taste. I fucking hate Bannanas, they are pieces of shit that are also used as dildos...
Paris Hilton: Hey can somebody please give me a Banana??? I need it to stick inside of my nasty HIV pussy!

Regular Man: Eww bitch, shut the fuck up...
Paris Hilton: Eww no you. Im gonna get daddy to come beat you up!
Regular Guy: Shoves banana down Paris Hilton's throat, and saves the world.
by Titty Mucher April 06, 2010
the best thing since sliced bread. xD
holie shyzer lewk at that banana!
by j0 January 26, 2005
an Asian person that acts/tries-to-act white and/or black. Yellow on the outside, white on the inside, sometimes turns black.
Ming tries to act all black sometimes. He such a banana
by Ming Zhu June 10, 2005
another word for a telephone
shut the fuck up! Can't you see I'm on the banana!
by mrbonuscup June 06, 2005
A word often shouted out by me when it is most insignificant, making it kind of, Random if you like,
<Friend1> so like, we'll go when we've finished clearing up
<friend2> yeah o...--- BANANA!!!!
by Tsukijin January 09, 2004
banana the only 'fruit' that bends. fruit meaning gay person.
oh ya such a banana, banana the only fruit that bends!!!
by mippy October 17, 2004
slang for: drugs, swears, any inappropriate lanuage
Lets go enject some bananas into our vains.
by Wild Thing October 06, 2005
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