weed, usually very good weed
let's go smoke some bananas with the spanish kid
by Chernorizets Hrabr February 22, 2004
Single teenage mother who's spoiled by her own single mom who's rich enough to pay a full-time nanny to spoil the teenager's baby.
"Her mom was a banana. She's a banana. And her baby's gonna be a banana too."
by Wilson X July 28, 2005
An Asian woman who predominantly dates White men because she is under the impression that White men are status symbols. Typically, she is a money grubber and dates White men because of the impression that they are more willing to spend money on them. The man she dates is typically a thin effeminate White man who is unable to date women of his own race but is able to date banana Asian women because of their perception that, as a White man, he is a source of free money.
90% of the Asian women in New York City are bananas
by 8s January 21, 2010
The condition in which a persons feet are very long, thin and curved, simulating the overall shape of the fruit with the same name.
That tall, skinny dude's got banana!
by fotoflex August 05, 2004
The state of being or having been caught in (although not restricted to)lude activity either on purpose or by accident
Person A: Dawg, she found a open rubber in my car.

Person B: Bananas foo! You got caught slippin'.
by DFLO March 05, 2004
Described by Will McDonald of Fester as feeling much like "an after anal cock"
"Suck that banana!"
by leavethisplace July 01, 2003
a stoopid, spastic bimbo
josline, irene, maria, cherrie, gina and maz are bananas
by ...>... September 19, 2005

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