A Somali delicacy best served with rice.
"Oh, no! I have to get to Safeway! We have no more bananas and I just made rice for dinner!"

"Ew! I hate rice...unless bananas are added into it."
by yourenglishisgood June 06, 2009
The most commonly used "Safe Word" during BDSM sexual games and activities.
"Stop it you bad girl."
"Ouch that really Effin hurts."
"Stop it, no really STOP it."
by Dave172635 June 05, 2009
The Banana is an ancient combat move performed by ninjas and underaged drunks.
Banana MS! Banana MS!
by sinbad24233 September 04, 2007
crazy, see: crazy

All of the definitions previous are the same. Bananas means crazy. Which has come to mean cool, happening, hip, bizaar, outrageous, unbelievable, etc.
Gwen Stefani said "The shit is Bananas" and she meant "This is crazy"
by BooDangle June 27, 2005
A very sexy yellow-skinned fruit that is sometimes considered rather penile. The banana, in its natural habitat, is known to haunt people, especially those by the name of Mandi. They can show up anywhere, and frequently like to reiterate the fact that yes, they are indeed.. a banana.
I am a banana!
by The Fiend March 08, 2004
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