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I remember the days when Banana Republic meant a country in Central America

Now its a clothing store that sells really nice clothes
"I'm going to Banana Republic to buy some clothes."

"Isn't that a little far just to go shopping...?"
by meh April 12, 2005
A country in Latin America run by a dictator, called so because the people of such countries were exploited by the United Fruit Company, and American corporation.
Guatemala is said to have been the original Banana Republic.
by VivaLaRevolucion! October 22, 2004
a small stereotypical Central American country dominated by foreign companies (from the fact that such countries were typically controlled by the United Fruit Company and grew bananas)
That country will always be nothing more than just another banana republic.
by Light Joker September 18, 2005
Italy under Silvio Berlusconi 's "government"
Quello stupido nano (Berlusconi) sta vendendo il nostro paese, si fa le sue leggi, agisce come se la costituzione fosse un catalogo di opzioni... L'Italia sta diventando una repubblica delle banane!

That stupid dwarf (Berlusconi) is selling our country, making his own laws, acting as if the constitution is a catalogue of options... Italy is becoming a Banana Republic!
by Jeeezuz H3yl3l January 01, 2005
An Alternative name for a Male Strip Club.
Nick: Did you hear?
Kyle: What?
Nick: Chris Quit.
Kyle: Really, why?
Nick: He got a Job at Banana Republic.
Kyle: The one at the mall?
Nick: No, the one next to the laundry matt.
Kyle: Isn't that a Male strip club?
Nick: Yup, he swings his Banana for money
by Red F0rman December 19, 2013
An event or place with a preponderance of men and lack of women, see sausage fest
Oh yeh, I went to that party last night - nah, was a real banana republic
by Wordsterd October 24, 2010
A store run by Gap, Inc., which postures itself as the "upscale" line by being more expensive than both Gap and Old Navy. After you rummage through a few pile of shirts and scour the whole store for anything colorful, one realizes that it is no better than the Gap and with the quality just as lacking. Banana Republic tirelessly competes with J. Crew, its primary rival, although the corporate execs forget that a store filled with beige, brown, and khaki only invites a similar trend of mediocrity. Why bother?
Banana Republic is the de-facto anchor of most suburban, outdoor lifestyle centers, thus cheapening the image of the brand.
by aquarius32 July 25, 2010
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