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When an individual(s) partake in the chugging of an alcoholic beverage, typically beers.

Prior to the rapid consumption, the individual(s) may decide to scream the phrase "Banana Slamma!" derived from the hit TV show Donkey Kong Country.
"Johnny boy, you know what time it is? It's time for a BANANA SLAMMA!" -Waddams
by The Bys December 15, 2010
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a term used by Donkey Kong in the 90's tv show "Donkey Kong Country" usually meaning "Falcon Punch"
King K. Rool: HOLY @^&*
*epic kwyjibo-like pwnage*
by your best idiot March 13, 2010
A person who is very good at giving a blow job
That chick with the tongue ring might not be a looker, but man she's one hell of a banana slamma.

Charles Barkley got arrested for a DUI while looking for that banana slamma he had the other night.
by Dixon Cider March 07, 2009

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