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The best type of salad. Particularly good to eat before killing zombies, playing guitar hero, or drinking to excess.

A salad made most of sliced bananas
Jbones: Have you finished your bananasalad?
Clark: This bananasalad tastes like cat meat.
by bananasalad December 15, 2009
A combination of raw green cocks, often tossed with pieces of other raw or cooked genitalia, cheese, or other ingredients and served with a creamy dressing.
"Hey Cindy, did Brad serve you up that Banana Salad he promised?"
"He certainly did! He was low on ingredients though, so I let him into my vegetable patch."
by The King... November 24, 2008
An accidental gay moment due to operating-a mouth-while-stoned. More Specifically one working themselves into a story that makes themselves sound queer. Usually contagious and a precursor to broski-syndrome, usually caught with 'no-homo.'
Uh so anyway I just sucked really hard and tugged at the bowl, uh No HOMO.

yeah-fucking-right, Go eat a banana salad you god damn quail-fag closet avenger.
by The Green Room January 29, 2009

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