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Only the greatest game ever created. Created by Patrick Keough and Andrew Terenzi.

1.Game of shooting friends, make your hand into the form of a gun.
2.Must say banana to activate gun (sort of like reloading)
3.Must make pew pew noise or shot doesnt count.
4.If you get shot you are done until the end of the round.
5. New round starts everytime a bell, ring, ding, etc. is heard. (these rules sometimes can be changed if bells are not heard different things can sometimes be made to signify new rounds)
6.Most of all have fun
7.There is no purposely creating your own rounds.
You see your friend walkin down the hall.

Friend: AWW damn
by tickmeister March 02, 2009
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A game to be played in school with friends or other acquaintances that play. Created by Patrick Keough and Andrew Terenzi.


1. Form a gun with your hand.
2. Repeat the word "banana" to reload the gun.
3. Repeat the words "pew pew" to fire the gun.
4. You can say "banana pew pew" as fast as you can or want, as long as it isn't mumbled words.
5. If you are shot, you are out until the end of the current round.
6. A new round starts every time the school bell rings. New rounds can not be started until the bell rings.
7. Have fun and enjoy the game.

FACT: This game has spread throughout many cities in the United States. ORIGINATED IN MALDEN, MASSACHUSETTS at Malden High School.

*Bell rings for the next period/class/lunch period to start*

You see a friend who also plays walking down the hall...

Friend: Aww, damn!
by B.P.D. of M.H.S. January 15, 2010

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