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An act commonly performed during coitus wherein the male participant removes the penis from the vaginal/anal/auditory/visual/verbal/nasal orifice of his sexual counterpart just prior to ejaculation, whereupon he removes his prophylactic by taking the reservoir tip between the thumb and forefinger of both hands, peeling it off of the sexual organ like one commonly peels the skin from a banana. The Male participant must proceed to ejaculate on and around the face of his sexual counterpart, ensuring to cover the most real-estate possible between the hairline and the neckline including key areas such as the mouth, eyes, nose, and breast.

NOTE: By nature of the inherent actions taken to execute a "Banana Nut", one's penis MUST be sheathed in a prophylactic for a time between coitus and the execution of the "Banana Nut". see ( wrap it up ).

In some cases one may, mid-coitus, take on a prophylactic for the sole purpose of removing it during the execution of the "Banana Nut".
...since I didn't know her last name, I decided to wrap my junk, and when I finished laying pipe I peeled off that jimmy hat and blew a banana nut all over whatserface's face!
by Man, legend, Burt, Reynolds. December 12, 2010
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