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Onision is the Banana King and i love him and i will be the Banana queen because he will stop loving LAMEY HE TOLD ME SO. WE WILL KILL ALL THE MEAT EATERS
"onision is the Banana king i worship him"
by GDJ May 08, 2013
1 0
A super powered king from Charlie the Unicorn 2. Charlie becomes the Banana King and is robbed by the blue and pink Unicorns. Also, a banana king is a gay little boy singing the Banana song.
"Dude the Banana King is so Beast!!"

Boy: "Just stick a Banana in your ear..."
Guy: "OMG your such a banana king you fag."
by Maddie-Wa May 27, 2008
35 9
Being the male master of all cocks.
Yo, that guy took 6 at once! He is definitely The Banana King!
by twoshtep July 17, 2010
14 11
A guy who denys his royalty, and drives a yellow car.
Ryan is the Banana King!
No Im not, your the Banana King!

Ryan i obviously the Banana King...
by GotchaDude October 20, 2008
4 7
the idiot that eats the banana
dude we went to the banana show.. DAMONS THE NEW BANANA KING!!!!!
by thatguyroach April 18, 2010
0 4