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A gay male or straight female prostitute or slut. The term derives from the resemblance of bananas (fruit) to penises (organ). Banana farmers nurture their crop, taking care so they grow plump and healthy. They collect good profit when they are finished. A well trained banana farmer is guaranteed to leave their customers satisfied.
Your mom is such a banana farmer. She was in my dad's bed last night, and my brother's this morning!
#prostitute #whore #slut #penis #handjob #blowjob #sex
by Pmsyenuod May 25, 2009
1. A dumb ass fruit cake

2. Someone who farms bananas
- Banana: a fruit or male genitalia
- Farmer: Someone who raises bananas, causes bananas to grow, or harvests bananas for their own oral pleasure.
"Eddie is such a banana farmer... he says the dumbest things"
by Shaguar&Z00m October 31, 2004
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