A slang term substituted in for banning, or 'exiling' somebody from a chat channel. Also can be removed from other things, such as as a board, forum, team, etc; most often online.

Origins come from Starcraft where moderators were depicted with a hammer or maul as an Icon.
"3l1t3_PwN3r has left the channel."

Lol, that guy just got hit by the ban hammer!
by Coach_Z August 10, 2009
Term meaning to "Ban" morons from forums and the like.

This particular variant is mainly used in Halo Forums, and only by the top Admins.

Fictionally using a Gravity Hammer(from the Halo series) to
beat/destroy/smite but Actually "Ban" from Halo related forums.
The admin of the this site gave that idiot the Ban Hammer.. lol.
by T. Lee Williamson June 23, 2008
A powerful weapon wielded by Administrators and Moderators alike. It has unparalleled power to ban retards, trolls, hackers (1337 h4x0rz), and the high-pitched ATYO (annoying twelve year old) from chat rooms and games. It is also included in some games as an equippable item with the disputed ability to hit over 9000. Beware the hammer.
Guy 1: Hey what's up?
Guy 2: I was fucking banhammered. >:(
Mom: Use appropriate language!
Guy 1: Was there a mod?
Guy 2: Shut the fuck up of course there was a motherfucking mod.
*Guy 2 has been banned from chat for: Inappropriate language*
Guy 1: Dude you just got banned in real life.
Guy 2: ...
by Ri shai koi nallsh December 20, 2010
Banhammers are fearsome weapons wielded by the Admins, a race of genetically enhanced people who have been created to serve and to protect online communities from the evil that fills the internet. The Banhammers are mighty weapons, and must be used carefully, as whoever holds one of these weapons have power over the accounts of all others. Also known as the Faggot Banisher, the ATYO (annoying twelve-year old) Destroyer, and the Retard Bane.
Q: wtf i cant log in!?
A: May the power of the Banhammer compel you!
Q: wtf you ******s a****** k******* !!! you **** ****ing *****
A: *smashes with banhammer*
by n0o0o0o0o August 16, 2006
To ban thousands of people because of cheating,spamming, hacking or just being plain dumb.
Blizzard is dropping the Banhammer on 4,000 accounting because these users are messing up the game.
by Jigglypuff May 02, 2006
Sexual action when rammin' da booty
I could banhammer.
by soulmate July 02, 2004
The weapon of choice of famous moderator, Tim Harper
Harper just dropped the ban hammer on me, what a dick!
by StazNasty August 23, 2008

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