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Barack Hussein Obama II; the 44th president of the United States and recent community organizer by way of Chicago. Had spent a few years nominally as the junior senator of Illinois, but his time in Congress was mostly used as a means to develop street cred in order to be a plausible candidate for President. While the candidacy was certainly a success, the achievement of credibility remains dubious.
"The Bamster is meeting with Putin to give Vladimir another apology
#obama #bo #barry o #the messiah #potus #il duce #der fuhrer #damien thorn with a nice tan
by SCE2AUX July 09, 2009
Expression used when something boss happens, and no other word can explain the feeling. Also appropriate in really ANY situation.
You see someone wipe out - you say bamsters.
You get an A on that test - you say bamsters.
no one is listening to you - you yell BAMSTERS!
awkward silence? bamsters.
#nailed it #rawr #bamster #bamsturs #boss
by doyoucopy October 13, 2009
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