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The infamous player in Dark Age of Camelot, on the cluster of Killibury. Most known by using the ability "Mastery of Concentration" which would not allow you to be interupted by melee attacks, or spells. He would use that ability on an incoming group 99.9% of the time.

Also known as Bamsen, Bamzen, Bamzee, Bamsenx, Bambot, Maximuz.

Also known for adding other players characters to his Camelot account.

These players are Kameha (Sean the Aussie) and Zurdo.

"OMG, that stupid Swede MoC'd on inc again!"

"There goes that stupid bear moc'ing on inc again!"

by Justin (Energybolt) April 07, 2007
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A famous and loved-by-all swedish cartoon caracter that has been around for many years. He's known to be "the worlds strongest bear". He does not use his strength to bring chaos, he uses his strength to fight the bad people and help his friends.. and maybe sometimes touch his friends too.
1.Alla vet ju att Bamse gillar kuk
2.Bamse smekte mitt anus hål i förgår..
3.Bamse, stoppa in penis i vagina nu!
by david_of_sweden July 05, 2006
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