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A chick that is so slamming it surpasses normal slamming parameters. Thus she is bammin.
Tim "Damn i'd be all like BAM,BAM, BABABAM."
Matt "Ya that chick is bammin."
by Staufman July 31, 2005
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Jim: Dude, Leo totally looked like hell before, but now he looks amazing
Joe: Yea mang, He's totally Bammin'
by TreeBobJoe November 09, 2009
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amazing, crazy, wonderful, oozin, fun, awesome. this word can describe anything awesome or amazing.
Its bammin!
My new drum kit is bammin!
Your haircut is bammin!
Your car is bammin!
I feel bammin after riding the new roller coaster!
by Katiiez July 24, 2008
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Use of slang, for anything.........really. Something bad, good, or just plain stupid. More of a use to discribe something, that involves other things.
School is fucking bammin right now, I got all these bammin test going on.


That party will be so sweet, it'll be bammin good.
by stumel March 28, 2006
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this word originated because people in america are too fricken lazy these days and want to abbreviate every-assed word in the dictionary. if black people want to overcome harsh slang words and white people across the world talking about them behind their back, they need to start saying full words.
Wendy Peffercorn's hoo-hoos are bammin man. id take a suckle of those zipples.
by adidas April 22, 2004
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