(v.) the act of inserting one's middle and index fingers into another's butt cheeks and then making a rapid clockwise stirring motion with said fingers, while forcefully blowing air through the lips to create a motorboat-like sound.
"Watch your butt Anthony, you're cruising for a bamboozling!"
by Hot Dog Head October 19, 2006
Top Definition
To deceive by trickery
If you need such sophistication you are probably better off coding it yourself in the game, rather than bamboozoling the engine into providing it for you. from the Saracen 2 Game SDK manual
by Simon Goodwin August 04, 2003
The sometimes sexual, always hilarious act of taking a dump in ones mouth, and duct taping it shut on them.
Dann: I Bamboozled this girl last night
Jon: You goof
by Jon Bray July 09, 2005
bamboozling- to go to someone's house and drink a lot of and spill their beer.

bamboozler- some one who goes to peoples homes and fucks up their keg.
If you spill another beer i will kick you out and label you a bamboozler.

Quit bamboozling around dood, we need to drink as much beer as we can man.
by jrawd January 16, 2006
Confusing pulling a Belgum
Belgum is bamboozling me
by Your Mom May 22, 2003

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