To be tricked or swindled by another via intentional manipulation or deceptive practices.
I told my wife not to go car shopping without me but she didn't listen. As a result, the salesman bamboozled her into buying a car she doesn't need and can't afford.
by JayDub October 01, 2004
To get Drunk and have a great time
Lets get fucking bamboozled tonight fellas
by lola88 May 25, 2007
To invite oneself into a day of previously planned activites.
Nick: Hey mans, Josh just invited himself over!

Sam: But we're about to go out!

Nick: I know! Damn.

Sam: Josh just bamboozled us.
by Sam July 24, 2004
when you are surprised or ashtonished. see dazedstoned or high
man, im bamboozled
that shit got me bamboozled
by m March 25, 2004
youv'e been bamboozled.
your wife/girlfreind has cheated on u. uv had a practical joke played on u. u hav an accident.
by El Presidento January 02, 2004

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