When Someone Is Being A Total Bitch. Plain And Simple.
Dude Stop Being A Fucking Bambi, Get Your Ass Up And Talk To Her!!
by Jermaine Brown July 10, 2008
Amazon, chug bitch prone to spreading unfounded, hurtful rumours without provocation
I heard from Bambi she sleeps around but I prefer to find out for myself.
by I. Ve. Beenwrongedagain February 03, 2010
Bambi is an obese science project gone wrong. Commonly seen in the bambi saga from the comic strip "Adrenaline". A level one is a common fat person, a level to resembels an overweight big foot, and of course the third and final level is over 400lbs and is 10ft high with the ability to absorb things on contact. Aproach with caution.
That girl is a level 2 bambi, i didn't know they made shirt sizes that big......
by Rio May 20, 2004
a dumb fucking bitch
Ella: Hi guys
Larry: Shut the fuck up bambi, before i shut u up
Joe: Yeah smElla ur such a dumb fucking bitch every time i see you i wanna put an industrial blow torch up your asshole
Larry: fuck this bitch ass slut cunt pussy cock sucker, let's go move some fucking coke Joe
by B E Z bitch November 28, 2007
.A Baby Dear used in a Disney Movie porn disney
.A Porn Star Jenna Jameson
Bambi's mom is dead!!

Hi...Im bambi..hehehe
by MissKissThis July 15, 2004
A term used for Delsym cough syrup,usually used by teenagers. Describes the effect of Delsym (it usually gives you big,wide zombie eyes and you can't walk straight,like a baby deer).
Dude,last night I was trippin so hard on Bambi,I almost jumped off a building.
by ICanReadYourMind September 07, 2010
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