The name for a beautiful, intelligent, and well liked woman. Any one who has a mean thing to say about the name just needs a better self-esteem and something better to do with their time.
Bambi is a beautiful name.
by anonymous-editor September 18, 2007
short for bambino (meaning baby or young child) often used as a affectionate nickname for people to describe someone who is particularly childlike and innocent.
"aww look at him, he's such a bambi" "hey Bambi" - when used as a nickname
by hugmeyay March 20, 2007
a nickname for a lovely girl with a sweet smile and big brown eyes
Ooh Bambi you're so cute, I just want to cuddle you to sleep
by Hugbear February 07, 2010
Someone who is gorgeous, talented, and brilliant. Truly the best friend someone could have. A blessing of the universe with a very nice booty.
Man that Bambi is fucking awesome and cool, i wish she were my friend.
by dingodoorbell July 25, 2011
One who is paralyzed and ineffectual, usually with fear or anxiety, at a time of crisis or danger. Refers to the tendency of a deer to freeze and stare at an oncoming car, resulting in death and disaster.
The President just sat there reading My Pet Goat,like Bambi caught in the headlights, and the terrorists tripled the amount of time they had to attack America.
by Ian December 07, 2004
1) One who is inclined toward or pratices homosexuality;

2) A Sao Paulo F. C. (a brazilian football/soccer club) supporter.
- "My brother-in-law is a bambi."
- "Really? I thought he was straight, man..."
- "Oh!I mean he´s a very dedicated Sao Paulo F.C. fan..."
by Spin M.V. November 18, 2007
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