A girl wearing high heels that struggles to walk in them. The usual visible cue is extremely wobbly ankles. Often seen outside clubs and bars at closing time in college towns. Named after Bambi, the eponymous Disney fawn that struggles to walk as a newborn.
I think that poor bambi just sprained her ankle chasing after that guy.
by beej666 January 27, 2013
katie schumacher
by Anonymous October 21, 2003
maruijuana, weed, pot.
yo wanna go smoke bambi?
by yourmum101 March 17, 2009
the pet deer of shannon. michelle wants to have a memeorial ferr it. it mite bite u and make u pee ur pants.
"so, shannon, hows bambi doind these days?"
by shanay forest December 28, 2007
An OK hockey player, he knows nothing about real hockey, but he is a dope ass guy, he went to ARSHAG, and yesterday we were OORATZ, and we almost hit a RABIZ guy in HOLLYWOOD after trying to withdraw money from the B of A in hollywood.
Bambi, You were standing there for like 20 minutes waiting for your receipt when it was there the whole time.
DDDDDDDDDer, mu name is BAMBI....JK
Shout out to me GRIZZ, the One and Only.
Yeasterday, Aram pulled a "BAMBI" while he was in my house, and my cousin Davo was hiding my own food from , AND in my own refrigerator.
IM out, PEACE,
DONE> im on my away message now.
by GRIZZ September 25, 2004
someone named aram, ram, and rambus
Grizztank: Ba-a-a-a-a-m-biiiiiii

Bambi: whats up grizz!!
by helen August 29, 2004

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