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a sexy male, who can attract many females in a short space of time.
wow, you are a Bambers. Can you see that Bambers over there.
by Funk1991 September 08, 2011
A tiny dog you buy for your cat to keep it company while your out of the house.
I am looking for a used bamber, perhaps it could be an anti-bamber, but still, I am looking for a used bamber for my cat, Snuggles. Snuggles gets lonely at night.
by JALSJ April 07, 2011
The most coolest most Xstream most sexiest helluva place in the world.
EXAMPLE ONE : Omg Im so jealous. I wish I lived in Bamber. Those kids are so cool.

EXAMPLE TWO: Dude wanna go for a swim at the dam?

EXAMPLE THREE: Lets go for a bike ride.

EXAMPLE FOUR: The only place you get snakes thrown in your face.
by NICOLEandHEATHER August 23, 2007
broke; bad; stupid; boring; ugly; turnoff; crappy
This party is bamber.

Look at her, that girl is bamber.

The club was so bamber last night.
by Tom June 04, 2004
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