Only the coolest town ever made on the planet. Bamberg sits classy with its 3 fast food places- Hardee's, KFC/Taco Bell, & Subway. Go to Hardee's before 9 am and see all the rednecks. Just watch out on your way there for Officer James Smoak or Officer Chris Sandifer, they're ruthless.
Hey! Let's go to Bamberg because...... oh wait, there's nothing there!
by Clemson Tiger :) July 29, 2009
Top Definition
v. To teach mathematics in a wildly confusing way.
Student 1: Dude, I've been watching this lecture video for an hour, and I have no idea what a manifold is.
Student 2: You just got bamberged.
by Bamberg banger December 16, 2009
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